The International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO) is a growing association of citizens world-wide who use their votes in a new, co-ordinated and effective way to drive all nations to co-operate in solving our planetary crisis. Transnational citizen action is vital because global markets and corporations so comprehensively overpower individual nations that no politician dares make the first move to solve global problems for fear of competitive disadvantage.

ISPO overcomes this paralysis by bringing all nations to adopt in principle - and then to simultaneously implement - the Simultaneous Policy (SP), a range of democratically selected regulations to bring about economic justice, environmental security and peace around the world.

By adopting SP, ISPO's members pledge to vote in future elections for ANY political party or candidate - within reason - that also adopts SP. As more and more citizens act in this way, politicians will adopt it too if they wish to remain in office. Adopting SP involves no risk because simultaneous implementation removes everyone's fear of first-mover disadvantage. SP thus transcends party politics by providing a powerful tool for citizens to drive politicians and governments to deliver the measures our world so desperately needs. With SP, global citizens are replacing destructive competition with fruitful co-operation. With SP, we are together taking humanity to the next stage in our evolutionary future.


International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO)


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