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World Citizen Encyclopedia is a free open share content encyclopedia and subproject of the Open Share World Citizen Resource Net, and has been launched as of January 2005 to allow submissions from the non neutral point of view (NNPOV) of world citizen activists engaged in the movement for world citizenship, global justice and democratic global governance.

WorldCitizenEncyclopedia is thus distinct from neutral point of view (NPOV) encyclopedias, whose mission are best served not by advancing or detracting particular points of view on any given subject, but by trying to present a fair, neutral description of the facts. We endorse the need of NPOV resources and encourage world citizens to contribute to them, and in particular to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

NNPOV doesn't imply acceptance of consciously distorted, unfair or untrue facts. Opinion must be based on an objective vision of reality, but it depends on a frame of reference defined by one's goals and beliefs.

As world citizens, our common reference is the wish to join others in being first of all citizens of the world, to share the deep personal belief that loyalties to our planet and the human species come before national loyalties, and to contribute to the development of global justice and democratic global governance.

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